Bard, Bolg & Azog + New Hobbit Book Leaked

December 9, 2014 by brennon

As well as the new Blood Angels from Games Workshop there's some new heroes for The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies that comes out on Friday at cinemas. See what you think of Bard, Azog and Bolg as well as the new supplement book that comes free with the issue...

Bard the Bowman

Bard is presented away from his Windlance and in some more battle worthy attire. I imagine this is the outfit he's wearing in the trailer with chainmail underneath when he is leading a whole bunch of Laketown Warriors into battle. As well as coming on foot he also rides into battle atop a horse that seems to have something wrong with it.


Azog is looking as deadly as ever but without his sword arm (with claw instead) leading me to believe that these sculpts were made a long time ago before all the new CGI had been added to the final film. Some commentators have said that he looks like he's dancing around, or ice skating.


Bolg also comes in last with his snarling Warg and a rather deadly looking axe/cleaver. Much like most of the characters he was needing a mount although I still think the original Gundabad Orc General version of him was the best and I think people should just modify the new rider to look more like him instead!

As well as the miniatures there is also the free rules supplement for the game instead of you having to punt for a full on book this time around.

Despite there being some rather suspect pricing across the range and a lack of plastic kits for people to get into the game as new players it's good that Games Workshop have at least given us a whole bunch of miniatures AND the new rules to help fans of the system.

Hopefully I'll be able to pick up a copy of the rules supplement and have a flick through it!

Will you be getting any of these?

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