Don’t Want To Buy Smaug? Make One Yourself!

December 31, 2014 by brennon

An enterprising member of a Hobbit SBG Group over on Facebook named Raphael John Thomas has decided to take it upon himself to make his own version of Smaug and right now, even in this early stage, it's looking pretty epic...


Smaug (Head)

Smaug (Scale)

It's a massive piece of kit already, perched atop a bit of ruin. It's certainly a lot more sorted for actual wargaming than Smaug from Games Workshop sitting atop his pile of treasure. This is already quite the labour of love from Raphael and I can't wait to see how awesome this is going to be when finished.

I think it's great that folks are trying their hand at things like sculpting on their own. Not everyone's going to great at it but it's worth a go!

What do you reckon to his work?

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