Defend Erebor With New Dwarves From Games Workshop

February 25, 2013 by brennon

Games Workshop haven't just been summoning Daemons this month. They have also been looking to the defense of Erebor with new Dwarves, Men and Elves for The Hobbit. Check them out below...

Warriors of Erebor

Warriors of Dale

First up we have the warriors from Erebor and Dale. I am a particular fan of the Dwarves by default but they aren't as good looking as the Grim Hammers. The Men of Dale are pretty good and not how I thought they would look at all. Even in the film I was surprised by the style of them!

Thror - Last King Under the Mountain


Grim Hammer Captain

And on the character front we have a new Grim Hammer Captain, Elrond's Counsellor Lindir, and the mighty Thror. The Grim Hammer Captain has something a little weird about his face that I can't place. It looks off centre to me! Lindir looks like an almost standard Elf with nothing particular to set him apart from anything else.

Thror on the other hand is amazing! I love how he looks and the stance he is in, ready to take on the Orcs swarming about his gates. I am certainly picking him up.

What do you think of these Hobbit releases?

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