An Awesome Look At The Mighty Smaug For The Hobbit!

December 4, 2014 by brennon

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As well as all the Blood Angels coming this week there's also the small fact of that massive Dragon called Smaug for The Hobbit. We saw a blurry picture of him earlier in the week but now there are some full on sneaky peeks from Games Workshop's White Dwarf for us to enjoy...

Smaug (Full)

Smaug (Close Up)

Smaug (Head)

As you can see he really is indeed a massive sculpt and while the scale isn't quite on it's still a massive undertaking by Games Workshop. As a few people have pointed out, Smaug isn't actually cast in Finecast but instead high quality resin meaning that maybe Games Workshop had a bit of help from Forge World on this one?

Smaug (Base Detail)

The detail is quite impressive across the board from his teeth and scars on his face all the way to his armour plating and scales on his underside. It might carry a hefty price tag but could it be worth it? As you can see in the detail photos above even the base has loads of little trinkets to spot like the Arkenstone itself. The individual texture of scales seems to have been modeled too.

Bard with Windlance

You can't have Smaug without Bard and it looks as if we're going to get him (alongside loads of Laketown Guards) with his Windlance that stood atop Esgaroth's tower in the middle of town. I really do hope that we see Bard firing this at Smaug and missing the shot only to have to grab his bow and arrow proper and shoot that spot on Smaug's breast. Wouldn't be right otherwise!

Are you a fan of this Smaug sculpt?

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