More Dwarven Hobbit Pre-Orders Hit The Games Workshop Site

November 29, 2014 by brennon

With the Battle of the Five Armies coming soon Games Workshop are stepping up production on the miniatures for the range. The latest set of pre-orders come in the form of Thorin's Company and feature all of the Dwarves plus Bilbo himself...

Thorin & Bilbo

Nori, Dori & Gloin

Kili, Fili & Bofur

Dwalin, Balin & Oin

Bombur, Bifur & Ori

Each of the sets comes with three of the Dwarves from Thorin's Company apart from the one with Thorin himself which comes with Bilbo probably after he has stolen away with the Arkenstone. I have to say that overall the miniatures are of a pretty good quality and once again it looks like it's the paint jobs that are messing with the look of these heroic stunties.

Saying that however the price is less than inviting. Once again you're paying over £100 for these heroes and it's as if Games Workshop don't want you to even bother with the range. I'm fairly sure these could have been made as a set of plastic blister packs or even as a full on boxed set in plastic with maybe Thorin and Bilbo as the Finecast additions to the line.

The way things are going we're going to have people just looking the other way at every turn. If someone wants a collectable piece then they can go to Weta Workshop and plenty of other outlets for their miniatures (pre-painted I may add). I hate what they're doing to The Hobbit franchise and it saddens me to see the line going the way it is.

As someone trying to get people back into the hobby it's hard to even begin to recommend The Hobbit as their entry point.

Stick to your Lord of the Rings from Ebay folks.

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