Games Workshop’s Hobbit Range Expands With Eagles & Riddles

January 7, 2013 by brennon

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Games Workshop might be going Dark Angels crazy at the moment but they haven't forgotten their other fantasy arm. The Hobbit is expanding with more models in both plastic and finecast. Check out the selection below...

Great Eagles


First up we have the Great Eagles which are a multi-part plastic kit and Gwaihir arriving as a finecast one. They are certainly an improvement over the original eagles from Lord of the Rings as they have a lot more movement and character in their sculpts.

It sounds silly but I really like that they have added that extra flick to the feathers at the tips of each wing. Away from the models we didn't see much of them in The Hobbit but we'll hopefully see Gwaihir talk at some point! It was always fun hearing him talk in the radio plays.

Fell Wargs

Next up are the Fell Wargs, the beasts that pursued Thorin and Company across the land. They are a lot better looking that the jackal style Wargs we saw before and certainly a lot more like what I imagined them to be. This was probably a remnant of the time when Guillermo Del Toro was part of the team.

As models they look nice and serviceable and could be used across the different ranges as wolves in Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000.  I always like using Middle-Earth models as Role-Playing miniatures too and these fit the bill.

Riddles In The Dark

Last but not least is the Riddles In The Dark vignette which shows the moment when Bilbo meets Gollum deep in the caves of the mountains.

This was one of the best scenes in the film and it looks like both models have been sculpted pretty well too. The likenesses are good and the models have plenty of movement too them too.

It would have been easy to make them quite static pieces but it looks like Gollum is leaning in for the pounce and Bilbo is wary of his foe!

Will you be buying more from The Hobbit?

Let me know below.

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