A Mighty Smaug Action Figure Swoops In From Warner Bros

August 20, 2014 by brennon

In the absence of a version of Smaug from Games Workshop we'll have to look elsewhere for the mighty drake. Warner Bros have a rather impressive looking version of the terror of Erebor on pre-order right now!

Smaug Action Figure

As you can see in the image above Smaug has a 22'' wingspan and is entirely poseable too! He comes in plastic but his tail and wings have a wire core allowing you to tweak them how you'd like. Smaug is a limited run item of 3000 pieces and also comes with a special secret miniature too which I imagine is something like Bilbo?

With Games Workshop not able to make one right now could this be your first port of call for the mighty dragon?

Would you pick this up?

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