Travel To Lake-Town With New Hobbit Releases

January 4, 2014 by brennon

Games Workshop haven't forgot The Hobbit franchise during the new year despite the hordes of Tyranids descending on tabletops. They have traveled to Lake-town and provided us with some quite awesome looking figures.

Gandalf The Grey

Bard the Bowman

Master of Laketown

Alfrid the Councilor

First up we'll take a look at the new characters that have come out this month. It starts with a very good looking new Gandalf model followed by Bard, The Master and Alfrid to make things a bit more insidious.

There have been some problems in the past with the finecast models coming out of Games Workshop for The Hobbit but I think that this time around they have done a very good job. Gandalf in particular is looking brilliant in my opinion.

Laketown Guard Captain

Laketown Guard Bowmen

Laketown Guard Spearmen

Laketown Guard Swordsmen

I have to say, once again, I am kind of impressed with Games Workshop. They have gone a very nice job on these Lake-town soldiers and while it would be bloody expensive for you to make up an army of them just using these chaps you can mix them in with your existing Dale soldiers and make a good force using these as Captains.

I'm very taken by the Bowmen as I think they have a great look to them and the whole flavour of 'Dale', while not how I imagined it as a child, has actually grown on me; despite their silly helmets.

I say these are a great selection from Games Workshop.

What about you?

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