New Planetary Militia Vehicles Released For The Ion Age

February 22, 2015 by deltagamegirl22

For fans of 15mm SciFi games, Ion Age announced that February has brought new releases! There are 3 new planetary militia vehicles as well as a 25 person planetary militia platoon.

Ionage vehicles


The first of the three vehicles rolling onto the tabletop is the Hazelwurn MKII Patrol Car. It can respond quickly to incidents, carrying 4 in it's lightly armored cabin.


The next vehicle is the Colabreta Patrol Carrier MKI. This transport can carry 5-10 troopers (depending on their gear) with the added benefit of twin turret mounted 12.5mm AP guns.


Lastly we find the Colabreta Command Carrier MKIII. This unit carries a 4-5 person team with all the technology a unit may need to keep it linked to base and the ability to call for aid and relay status reports.


What do you think of latest rides for Ion Age?

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