Fenton Brahms Arrives For The Cult Of The Burning Man

August 7, 2017 by deltagamegirl22

It's fantastic to hear more of the back story for the characters of The Other Side from Wyrd Games. This week, we're getting a closer look at Fenton Brahms from The Cult of the Burning Man.

Wyrd Fenton

Fenton was once a soldier in the King's Empire until he was left for dead in the desert.During the months he spent recovering, he was given the Contiones de Rege Flammae as a means to cope with the pain. Brahms found comfort in the book, but little did he know his mind was being warped by every word.

When recovered, he travelled to London after seeing a vision, where he was greeted by the beauty of Wade’s predictions - of a world wreathed in flame. There, Fenton Brahms embraced the warmth of the Burning Man and found his purpose: to lead the purge and to make the world beautiful once again.

On the table, Brahms channels the Cult's insanity into power. He excels in placing Shaken Tokens on units, which either weakens the enemy or helps his own forces flip to Glory. Fenton can lead from the front or the back, which gives fantastic flexibility to a player. His Strangely Glowing Staff is a powerful Strength 4, which allows him to hold his own in melee and becomes even more potent when he's in Glory and can use his Cascading Energy Trigger to increase its Strength.

When leading from the back, Fenton can use his Morale Action to generate additional Actions from nearby Squad Fireteams. This makes other Cult units that much more effective. If he is in Glory, Fenton gains the powerful Disintegrating Blast Action. Although it only has a base Strength of 2, it has the potential to become one of the strongest attacks in the game, if luck is on your side.

Perhaps more importantly, Fenton is very good at getting cards into the Cult's discard pile. This can be very helpful when combined with the Cult's ability to give out a Shaken Token whenever an Ace enters its discard pile.

Do you find yourself curious about The Cult of the Burning Man?

"When leading from the back, Fenton can use his Morale Action to generate additional Actions from nearby Squad Fireteams..."

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