The Other Side By Wyrd Games Live & Funded On Kickstarter

December 14, 2016 by deltagamegirl22

Merry Christmas to all the Malifaux players out there as the first day on Kickstarter has been a successful one for our friends at Wyrd Games with their much anticipated, mass battle tabletop game - The Other Side.

The Other Side

The game is not only live on Kickstarter, but is already bring on the stretch goals!

The Factions Of A New World

Who would you choose to play as? Factions are labelled as Allegiances in the Other Side, and at this time you have four very different Allegiances to choose from including...

The King's Empire

King's Empire



Gibbering Hordes

Gibbering Horde

Cult Of The Burning Man

Cult of the Burning Man

They couldn't be more different, and they all look amazing which translates into, "How do I choose?" Better start allocating your Christmas money to make that decision a bit easier.

The Game & Miniatures

This game is designed for players to get a feel for what life looks like on the other side of the breach (see what they did there?), and offers the ability for you to get to experience the steampunk world with a higher miniature count to capture the feel of other larger scale games that some of us enjoy, plus the gorgeous look we've come to expect and appreciate from Malifaux models.

Alpha Crawler Vs King's Hand

You can find out more about the game in the video linked at the top of this page giving you the full on Demo Game for you to get stuck into. It's a big epic thirty-minute video but it will run you through the basics of a game.

Essentially you will choose Commanders for your games and the number of them will dictate the scale of game you get into. One Commander leads to a smaller skirmish whereas three or four might lead to an epic battle. You then make up your forces, spending points as you wish with the likes of their huge Titans taking up a big chunk of the points.

The game changer with this project lies in the fact that these stunning models are preassembled! Yes, that means you are that much closer to being able to play right out of the box with their 32mm scale models on their new bases which collec them together into their groups as you'll see here.


They have explained that there will be options for picking up unassembled miniatures further down the line but this just seems to make sense with the way the industry is going, especially for finely detailed models like the ones you see here.

The miniatures here have been painted up by the awesome Den Of Imagination and they really are stunning looking.


It's looking like it will go down a storm right now and things are hotting up as the campaign continues to gain traction.

Stretch Goals

So far they've already popped their way through a number of goals and the rest will fall soon we imagine.

Stretch Goals

We shall see how far this goes but we can see this appealing to Malifaux players and those who are fans of bigger mass battle games.

What do you think?

"Factions are labelled as Allegiances in the Other Side, and at this time you have four very different Allegiances to choose from..."

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