Wyrd’s Grenadiers Fire Off A Volley To The Other Side

September 25, 2017 by dracs

Wyrd Games have shown off their latest preview for The Other Side, the versatile Grenadiers of the King's Empire.


The Grenadiers follow the main strategy of the King's Empire; if it moves, shoot it. If it keeps moving after that, then they have a variety of ammo to choose from.

"On the tabletop, the Grenadiers are capable of using their Grenade Launchers to deal a lot of damage to light infantry units. They also have a good chance of taking down Titans with their high-powered Rocket Grenade attack. They are a straightforward unit, but one whose versatility makes them an excellent addition to many forces."

The look of these Grenadiers seems to epitomise the idea of the Poor Bloody Infantry. A block of these could probably prove a serious problem, although if a monster gets close it could be like a cat among the pigeons.

What are your thoughts on the latest from The Other Side?

"Grenadiers seems to epitomise the idea of the Poor Bloody Infantry..."

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