New Dark Miniature Previews For The Others: 7 Sins!

July 7, 2014 by brennon

We saw some more artwork last week from The Others: 7 Sins and this weekend we're looking towards more miniatures instead! See what you think of the Werewolf we checked out last week, Karl, in his human form and also some form of Possessed soul...



The miniatures look very clean and well detailed as you'd expect from the folk at Studio McVey and this could well be one of those nice premium products that come out once in a while you want on your shelf. Going down the board game route again is also a great way of making a game nowadays I think because it will contain everything you need to play in one place - no hassle!

I'm really interested to see the other members of FAITH team and what these demons and creepy creatures have in store for them as the game opens up and spills the beans.

What do you think of the sculpts?

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