More Fiendish Art & Miniatures For The Others: 7 Sins!

June 19, 2014 by brennon

You might remember that a little while ago we showed you a massive demon for the world of The Others: 7 Sins. Well since then there have been a few more art pieces and a miniature shown off and you can check them out here...



First up we have the art which is once again amazing. This shows off not only the massive demon of Gluttony but also a poor Doomsayer who I hope to high heaven (hell?) is going to be part of whatever campaign they launch to fund this. I'd love for him to randomly appear places making odd things happen!

Rollo - Hell Club

As well as showing off some new artwork they also let this crazy fellow out into the world. Meet Rollo of the Hell Club covered in chains, wearing some rather fetching boots and looking for love. Ok well maybe he isn't looking for love but a more decidedly violent end to the night I would imagine. He looks very, very cool.

What do you think of how it's shaping up so far?

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