Another Gluttonous Art Piece Comes Out Of The Others!

August 18, 2014 by brennon

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The Others: 7 Sins has never turned away from its strange and twisted existence and this latest piece of artwork is another shot at the horrible nature of gluttony! See what you think...

Gluttony Cultist

As you can see she's quite the lovely looking lady, on the one hand. On the other hand I think she might have had a few too many cakes and it's done some terrible things to her stomach. Maybe she can get it sorted with some liposuction?


As well as the demonic we also have the heroes for the game. Above is the sculpt for Karl, the Werewolf we've seen in art before, with his awesome sword and very cool looking pose. This one's been sculpted by the one and only Remy Tremblay!

I love the art direction in this prospective game, that we still don't know that much about if we're honest, but the idea of a board game with fantastic looking miniatures in this vein sounds awesome.

Keep it coming!

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