Two Members Of The Others: 7 Sins FAITH Team Suit Up

July 14, 2014 by brennon

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The Others: 7 Sins is really doing well on the miniatures side of things and two more have dropped on their Facebook page! This time around they leave the demons behind and check out more from FAITH team with Wolfie (Karl) and Leah...

Wolfie (Karl) & Leah

Leah is one of the members of FAITH team that we saw in a preview video a while back and it's great to see the actual miniature with her awesome looking sniper rifle that could punch a hole through many a demon I bet! Combine that with the preview of the awesome Wolfie (Karl in Werewolf form) and you have a brilliant pair. I really like how they've tackled the werewolf idea as it is sometimes quite a hard subject to get right in miniature form.

Some amazing miniatures and there are more to come!

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