Remy Tremblay’s Sloth Slithers Out Of The Others: 7 Sins!

July 17, 2014 by brennon

Remy Tremblay is quite the sculpting master and he's been working closely with Studio McVey and Guillotine Games on The Others: 7 Sins. His latest masterpiece is the awesome and HUGE 60mm miniature, Sloth...

Sloth (Front)

Sloth (Rear)

As well as standing at 60mm tall it's immensely wide and bulky too. It's quite the marvel of sculpting and if this is just one of the demons you're going to be getting your hands on I think we're in for a real treat with this game. Add to that the miniatures we've seen in the past, both demonic and human, and you have quite the repertoire already.

I love the creepy slug-like nature of this Sloth and when you combine that with the creepy human face leering out from underneath that pulsing brain you have quite the frightening figure.

Is this on your radar?

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