Weekender: Delving On The Best D&D Table Ever & The World Of BattleTech Explored

August 20, 2016 by warzan

Weekender: Delving On The Best D&D Table Ever & The World Of BattleTech Explored

Welcome to the Weekender where we're going to be delving into all the awesomeness from this week in tabletop gaming.

As a quick heads up check in to see if you won the Konflikt '47 Boxed Set! If you did then make sure to fill in the Claim Form HERE.

Scatter Terrain Challenge Update

Firstly an update on the Scatter Terrain Challenge. It will come to a close on August 31st at 1pm BST so you have around a week and a half to get your entries into the Hobby & Painting Forum.

We also thought we'd show off some great work by some of our community members.

Let us know what you think of the work you've seen so far and maybe have a go yourself.

The Best D&D Table Ever?

Talking of excellent terrain we also HAD to show off his amazing Dungeonscape, put together by the marvellous Ryan Devoto.

Big thanks to Jamie Gogarty for sending this one in. You can check out some more of Ryan's work HERE too.

In the spirit of D&D don't forget to also check out Community Member ceasar's work on these excellent Web Comics.


Let's find out what's been happening this week...

What did you catch from the news this week that got you talking tabletop?

Talking BattleTech With Oriskany

Coming on Monday we have a new article series starting with community stalwart oriskany. He is putting Historical aside to talk about a classic, BattleTech!

We talk with him about the series aims and the basics of what you need to know about BattleTech.

Kickstarter Time

We're also taking a look at what's out there to be pledged for!

  • The Gods War - Which Gods will you side with as you fight to control this fragmented and broken world?
  • Unfair - Like take that mechanics and the old Theme Park PC game; try this awesome card game.

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Have a great weekend folks!

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"Let's find out what's been happening this week..."

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