Weekender: New GF9 Tanks Game First Look & Hasbro My Little Pony RPG Interview

March 19, 2016 by dignity

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Welcome to The Weekender where we've got some interesting and quirky stuff to talk about. That means Tanks and...wait for it, My Little Pony!

Weekender: Tanks Galore & Chatting My Little Pony With Alessio

News Time

It's time for a round up of what's been on the website this week...

...what did we miss?

Gale Force Nine's Tanks

Getting historical we take a look at what Gale Force Nine have coming soon for their skirmish game called Tanks. As you might imagine this is proper full on tank warfare but with simple kits and easy to learn mechanics.

We've been playing around with some of the components for the game (in printed form) and let you know how it feels to be a tank commander right now.

My Little Pony RPG

We had Alessio Cavatore in the studio this week and we had a surprise interview where we talked with him about My Little Pony, a new license that River Horse has picked up, and the RPG they have planned for it.

Could you see this being the neat role-playing game for kids to have a go at?

Kickstarter Time

It's time to get stuck into some Kickstarters worth checking out.

  • Euphoria Bad Born - A peaceful world, clones, a TV show full of blood and now zombies. A good combination?
  • Wartile - Could this be a neat step in the right direction for digital tabletop style RTS games?

...what Kickstarters are you backing right now?

We hope you had a great time with The Weekender today. Get stuck into the discussion below and remember...

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