No Weekender This Week – Studio Renovations Still Underway

September 18, 2015 by warzan

With all the work that has been going into the Studio Renovations this week we're sadly not going to have the time to provide you wonderful folks with a Weekender or Weekender XLBS on Saturday and Sunday.


We've been working really hard to get the studio ready for a huge amount of filming that will be happening from Monday and while we'd love to bring you Weekender content as well it wouldn't be fair on the rest of the guys to have them filming, editing and trying to work on the studio at the same time.

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If you're a Backstager you can follow along with our progress on the new studio layout with the videos below...

...and you can discuss things with us more over on the forums HERE.

We hope you look forward to all the awesomeness we'll be bringing you over the coming weeks and thank you for your patience.

Have you been keeping up with our progress?

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