The Weekender: Wargaming Outside & 40K Space Wolf Flyer!

July 26, 2014 by Justin

As the title suggests this one's a bit of a crazy one! We're talking about gaming outdoors since it's nice and sunny right about now, that rather interesting looking Space Wolf flyer (Stormfang / Stormwolf) and the rules surrounding it and even a bit on Dropzone Commander's Resistance faction and the massive Infamy Kickstarter!

The Weekender: Wargaming Outdoors & Win The Wayward 8 For WWX!

Some of you might have seen there was also a rather ace reveal of the new X-Wing for Star Wars Episode VII and there's a Ghostbusters celebration coming up! We do like our proton packs here at Beasts of War!

You can also get your hands on the awesome Wayward 8 Mercenary box for Wild West Exodus by commenting on Beasts of War, Facebook, and on YouTube!

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