The Weekender: Awesome Antenocitis Infinity Terrain!

October 4, 2014 by Justin

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Welcome to The Weekender! This time around we've got an exclusive look at an awesome new painting book from Angel Giraldez and we'll be chatting about the brilliant Metropole Vehicle Boxed Set from Antenocitis Workshop designed for Infinity!

As well as that we'll be talking about our upcoming Gaming Awards & Survey along with an update on the Game Designer Challenge and how that's going so far!

The Weekender: Awesome Antenocitis Infinity Terrain!

Also, laser cutting, pretty awesome right now isn't it! Check out the awesome Transport Trays shown off by our friend Killian!

Download Killian's free Transport Trays Plans and try laser cutting for your self.

Download Transport Tray Plans

The files are in two formats, SVG which can be opened in any vector drawing program for editing and PDF which is easy to open for viewing and is a standard format that can be read by the laser cutters used in FabLab's.

What are you playing this weekend?

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