The Weekender: The Game Designer Challenge! [Updated!]

September 29, 2014 by warzan

Submissions for the Game Designer position are now closed. However, Illustrators can still apply throughout today!

This Weekender we're announcing an awesome chance for you to flex your creative muscles with a Game Designer Challenge and it's all about zombies! If you have always fancied becoming a Game Designer or Illustrator in this fantastic industry of ours, come Monday you may have your chance, and you even get to spend a bit of time with Alessio Cavatore for a bit of mentoring!

We're asking you to come up with a great zombie (or Halloween based) game idea and if we pick it you and your chosen Illustrator will not only see the game become a print & play reality distributed via our weekly EZine but also win the chance to be interviewed by us and get some mentoring from an industry professional! (The mighty Alessio Cavatore) Find out more by watching the show!

On top of all that goodness we're also talking about the cool Cyntopia: The Future is Now Kickstarter that is starting in the next few weeks and we had an exclusive sneak peek at! There have also been some great developments with Carnevale too!

The Weekender: The Game Designer Challenge!

Last but not least we reveal who won that Facebook Titan!

Happy gaming!

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