The Weekender: Not entitled “Space Marine”

February 9, 2013 by Justin

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In this weeks episode Warren, Justin and Stu have a chat about the latest on Games Workshop, a little about the exciting new Kickstarter Wild West Exodus and Paint... lots and lots of paint...

The Weekender: Not entitled “Space Marine”

Release watch:

Warlord Games

Ruined Farmhouse

Flames of War

Small Bases (with Figure Holes)

Medium Bases 4 (with Figure Holes)

Medium Bases 5 (with Figure Holes)

Large Bases (with Figure Holes)

Mixed Bases (with Figure Holes)

Soviet Guards Tank Battalion

Wild West Exodus

Malifaux February Releases

New Carnevale Crocodile

Zombicide Expansion Preview

Rogue Trooper Kickstarter


Saturday (today) is our Warmachine 'Spring Spearhead' tournament.

The following Saturday is our Carnevale 'Starvation' event, and the Sunday (17th) is Malifaux 'Lost Love';

And keep an eye out for our Malifaux event:

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