The Weekender: French Halflings, Infinity Masterpieces & Dark Angels

January 19, 2013 by warzan

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It's been another long week here at the new BoW HQ as we gear up for the Dark Angels Week coming on Monday 21st of January!

The Weekender: French Halflings, Infinity Masterpieces & Dark Angels

There has been plenty of other cool stuff happening too including having some of the titans of gaming in with us filming a bit about the exciting new world of Beyond the Gates of Antares! Watch this space!

We also have our first new look What's in the Box? for you to watch with the winner of the Mighty Judicator being picked on next weeks episode.

If there's something that's caught your eye this time here are all the links to where you can find out more or grab your latest addition to an ever growing collection.

Now get painting while you watch us chat, those new models won't finish themselves!

Release Watch

Pig Iron

Near Future Infantry Squad

Near Future Infantry Leg Sprue 1

Near Future Infantry Torso Sprue 1

Flames of War

BR157 - Archer

Privateer Press - Hordes releases.

PIP71073 - Trollblood Troll Impaler Light Warbeast (Plastic)

PIP73075 - Legion of Everblight Afflictor Light Warbeast


  • Beyond the Gates of Antares Interview

BoW Link Soon

  • Non-Metallic Metal Orc Blades


  • New Whats in the Box? - Win a Judicator


  • Infinity – Gao-Rael Unit – Exclusive Preview


  • French Halflings Kick Starter

Dark Angels Week


Whats Happening

Gatecrash Prerelease Event Taking Place Here Next Saturday (26th Jan)

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Supported by (Turn Off)