The Weekender: Justin Gets Engaged & Win Spartacus!

July 7, 2013 by Justin

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Welcome back folks! With Infinity Week 2013 coming to a close we'll be discussing the amazing artwork we've been seeing and there is even a nice surprise to look out for later on today.

As well as that we'll be talking Warmachine: Tactics which is heading to Kickstarter on July 10th and Q-Con was last weekend so we'll be discussing the experiences from those few days of awesome gaming and overall hilarity.

Stu has also thrown the gauntlet down for a his Journeyman League here at Tabletop Nation which should be plenty of fun! The link to that is below.

There is also a shout out for those of you wanting to write articles and news for Beasts of War. If you think you have what it takes then get in contact! As an example check out Lee Trayler's work which featured throughout the Eldar Codex Breakdown week...

The Weekender: Justin Gets Engaged & Win Spartacus!

From Empire to Fall

And the competitions don't stop there. We're also giving away an awesome Spartacus board game prize alongside the expansions too!


Gav's Glow Effects Tutorial!

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