Weekender: Mars Attacks Ready For All Out War!

May 16, 2015 by dignity

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We're back with another episode of The Weekender! Sit down with us on this wonderful Saturday morning and maybe do a bit of hobby as you get ready for some gaming...

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Weekender: Mars Attacks Ready For All Out War!

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Mars Attacks

We've had Mantic in the studio all week and we've been talking about a myriad of different games including Mars Attacks. We'll be looking at the new Extermination expansion content, and a whole bunch of models working towards World War.

Kings of War

A new series is also in the can for Kings of War where we explore more of the tactics for the game. The new rules are also out soon and we'll have a chat with Ronnie Renton of Mantic next week.

20th Century Battlezones

Mantic have also bought out a new set of 20th Century Brick Battlezones terrain and we have a look at it deciding on its uses for the tabletop. Coronation Street anyone?

Boot Camp

Next week is also our Bolt Action Boot Camp so there will be NO Weekender as we'll be running the Live Blog instead. If you're interested in coming to the Infinity Boot Camp later this year there are still spaces so check out the form HERE if you want to join in the fun.

Weekender: Mars Attacks Ready For All Out War!

Competition Winners

As well as all that we have the Battlezone Challenge Finalists which are comfysofa or sycorax and we want you to vote on them. Comfysofa made an impressive industrial complex style table with multiple levels and more besides. Sycorax has put together a massive Oil Rig which is just as impressive.

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AND the Carnevale winner to announce so watch to see if you won.

Infinity Boot Camp Form

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Happy Gaming!

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