Weekender: Merry Christmas & Win 4Ground’s Stoic Arms Tavern!

December 20, 2014 by Justin

Merry Christmas gamers! In this episode of The Weekender we're going to kicking things off with an update on the new Infinity website and you'll be glad to know the new 3rd Edition rules are free to download from them too!

We'll also have the 4Ground Stoic Arms Tavern under the close cam for a look at it in more detail and best of all one lucky winner is going to be in with a chance of winning it!

Watch the episode to find out how to be in with a chance!

Big mechs, battlesuits and beasts are always very cool too and we have a look at one from Troll Forged in the early stages of production, two awesome Contemptor Dreadnoughts from Forge World and a look at the new Watcher models and their Heavy Support coming next year on Kickstarter.

We also announce a Wild West Exodus winner so watch to find out if it's you. To keep you in the loop there will be no Weekender or XLBS on the 27th and 28th and the return of it will be as an XLBS on January 4th.

Merry Christmas!

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