The Weekender: Spice Up Your Games Of Warhammer 40K & Win an Epic Carnevale Prize!

September 6, 2014 by Justin

We've got an awesome prize for you this week! One lucky winner will win the chance to create their own miniature for the world of Carnevale! Come up with a one line description of a cool Carnevale themed character in the comments and Vesper-On will pick their favourite

comment below for your chance to win!

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We've also got loads more details on the return of this ace game and we get your questions answered!

As well as the Carnevale talk we're talking about Warhammer 40,000: Carnage which is a cool side-scrolling hack n' slash video game and the Dark Angels Upgrade Pack that 10 lucky Backstagers can win codes for!

SCI-FI CARD TERRAIN from Battle Systems Kickstarter!

We're also breaking out the Battle Systems terrain to talk about the product and how we think it works as a viable source of terrain on the tabletop. Added to that maybe it's time to shake up how you play Warhammer 40,000!

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