The Weekender: Superb Spartan Scenics & The Ottoman Empire

May 25, 2013 by stuart

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In this episode of The Weekender we talk about the amazing new terrain from Spartan Scenics as well as the start of the Ottoman Empire's invasion of Dystopian Wars.

The Weekender: Superb Spartan Scenics & The Ottoman Empire

On top of that Warhammer Quest is coming to iOS and and Battlebox & Beyond continues with an exploration of the Protectorate of Menoth miniatures line!


Spartan Scenic

Heavy Gear Blitz & Assault Kickstarter

Red Box Games New Kickstarter

Bushido Rulebook Announced

Tour of Duty Miniatures for Flames of War

Mantic's Kings of War Trolls

Warhammer Quest Coming to iOS

Ottoman Empire for Dystopian Wars

Battlebox & Beyond: Protectorate of Menoth


Da Noob first 1500 army list opinion

Warhammer Skirmish Rules 8th Edition (First Draft) (Set of rules for Warhammer skirmish by BoW Ben)

Morat Sectorial Army

50 Points Everblight List

Dee’s Chaos Army of Intended Mammoth Proportions.

Listing of MDF and Resin Terrain Makers

Release Watch:-

Battlefield in a Box - Asteroids

Chromium Chargers Robot Team

Locust City Chiefs Dreadball Team

Dreadball MVP - DBR-7 Firewall

Dreadball MVP - Ludwig

Dreadball Coaches

Dreadball Cheerleaders

Empire of the Blazing Sun Bodyguard and Officer

Federated States of America Sergeant and Officer

Federated States of America Pioneer Ironclad

Kingdom of Britannia Sergeant and Officer

Prussian Empire Sergeant and Officer

Prussian Empire Walze Ironclad

Chinese Federation Naval BattleGroup

Chinese Federation Support Group

Chinese Federation Dreadnought Fortress

Australian Naval Battle Group

Covenant of Antarctica Colossus Class Small Robot

Federated States of America Defiance Class Small Robot

Kingdom of Britannia Battle Flotilla

Russian Coalition Minsk Class Tank Destroyer

Aquan Prime Snapper Class Corvette

Dindrenzi Federation Sgian ClassCorvette

Sorylian Collective Plumbata Class Corvette

Terran Alliance Missionary Class Mk II Frigate

The Directorate Hostility Class Drone

The Relthoza Nidus Class Frigate

Circle Tharn Blood Pack

Lylyth Reckoning of Everblight

Skorne Reptile Hounds

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