The Weekender: Superheroes, Kings Of War & Memoir ’44

November 9, 2013 by brennon

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We're back with another Weekender and it's been very busy with Kings of War Week 2013 and plenty of other goings on over the past two weeks. It's also time to chat superheroes from X-Men and Avengers as well as Knight Models and their expanding range into Middle-Earth and maybe more.

The Weekender: Superheroes, Kings Of War & Memoir '44

As well as that we have a big thank you for all the support, prizes are on the way and adding to the team slowly but surely. It also wouldn't be a Weekender without a game of the weekend and this time it's Memoir '44!

Companion Skull

On top of that you can also win yourself a Plastik Krak Companion Skull! If you're a Backstager you can win one in there too!


Kings of War

X-Men: Days of Future Past


Knight Models

Ex illis Returns to Kickstarter

Memoir '44

Happy weekend!

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