Weekender: Talking Licensed Games & Events On The Horizon!

January 24, 2015 by warzan

Welcome to another episode of The Weekender! Today we'll be talking about quite a big topic in the tabletop industry at the moment and that's working with corporations and licensing games!

We'll also be talking about a few cool bits and pieces that popped up this week including Warlord Games' new Bolt Action Soviet Infantry (Winter), the awesome looking All-In-One Army Boxes for the Trollbloods & Cygnar of Warmahordes and a Kickstarter coming soon called Witch, spooky stuff!

Weekender: Talking Licensed Games & Events On The Horizon!

There's also a lot of events coming up this year and above are a few of the ones to look out for. Of course there's plenty more too so keep an eye out for more announcements.

Our Game of the Weekend this time around is also the Homeland Board Game from Gale Force Nine, another great property for them to pick up and the gameplay looks solidly interesting too!

We also announce the lucky winner of the Conan King Pledge! You lucky sod!

Have a great weekend

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