The Weekender – Us Invading Your Saturday Mornings!

January 4, 2013 by warzan

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So we are working away on the new show formats etc that will be appearing over the coming weeks and one we're going to play with is The Weekender.

Now rather than waiting for all the fancy production elements etc we are just going to evolve this little show each week.

So what is it, well 'currently' its just a bit of light Saturday morning tv to have a look back over the week in wargaming and pick a few highlights that are worthy of a mention. Its also an opportunity for us to just grab a coffee with some of our team mates and just have a chat.

We're going to have a segment in there to run over the new releases of that week, and will probably talk a fair bit about events etc that are coming up and how we can get people involved.

But for this first one, its just 4 guys talking about gaming πŸ™‚

It also gives me great pleasure to introduce the first of the additional faces you will be seeing more and more of Stu Mack, the guy responsible for both the venue and the events taking place in Tabletop Nation (That's both events solely in the venue and events that you can participate in from each of the fourΒ cornersΒ of the world)

Anyway expect the show early on most Sat mornings (&am UK Time) and who knows we may even get a cooking segment in there πŸ˜‰

Thanks for watching!

The Weekender - Us invading your Saturday mornings!

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