Weekenders Postponed Until Next Week

August 28, 2014 by warzan

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Weekenders Postponed Until Next Week

A close member of our (Mine and Andrea's) family has been battling an illness for some time now, and unfortunately these last days things have started to change quickly.

Elisabeth is family, but also a spectacular friend, and a beautiful, fun and mischievous woman, who we adore.

We're going to give filming etc a rest this weekend, and take some time as a family.

Mars Attacks Weekend

True to form though the rest of the team at Beasts of War are picking up the slack to bring you a fantastic weekend's entertainment.

Yup it's Mars Attacks Weekend on BoW.

We'll be talking to Ronnie, unboxing the game and a special treat for Backstagers giving them first access to an awesome demo game.

Hobby Lab On A Short Break

Hobby Lab will be taking a break short and in its place starting Monday we will have a special Backstage 3 Colours Up, where Romain has created a fascinating organic paint scheme for the Scourge in Drop Zone Commander.

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