The Witcher Adventure Game Coming Soon!

January 9, 2014 by brennon

The Witcher has been part of an awesome book series, a great video game trilogy (the third game coming soon) and it's even had a TV series and a card game too. However, Fantasy Flight Games and CD Projekt Red have joined forces to bring you the ultimate game, The Witcher: Adventure Game.

The Witcher Adventure Game Artwork

The Witcher Contents

The game sees you playing as Geralt and his companions, traveling around and completing quests, fighting monsters and spinning tales of heroics. While you might be working together at times there can be only one winner so sometimes you'll have to let your friends loose on the monsters themselves so you can fight for victory elsewhere.

I'm looking out for some gameplay videos of exactly how this plays, and it appears as if we're going to get a digital version too. Fantasy Flight are right up there when it comes to quality and CD Projekt Red know what they're doing when they tell a tale, so hopefully this is top notch.

What do you think?

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