More Artwork Illuminates The World Of THON

January 25, 2013 by brennon

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THON is still brewing beneath the surface and the artists are working hard it seems. Check out two concept art pieces below to tide you over until the Kickstarter for this inevitably explodes...

Thonian Keeper Concept Art

"Thonian Core Keepers serve to decontaminate and maintain a Starlight’s Soul Core. They are virtual mechanics and real world medics. In the absence of an Advocate, they can direct Orbital Support, Orbital Drops and Close Support AI Grid Divers."

Starlight Tyvorus

"Starlight Tyvorus - The only Warfront World to remain neutral after the initial Ordhren onslaught."

The artwork is pretty amazing and is really serving to bring the world of THON to life. The miniatures we've seen, be they renders or actual sculpts seem to hit the spot too.

Are you looking forwards to this game finally hitting the tabletop?

Let me know below!

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