More Concept Art For THON As The Kickstarter Closes In

February 13, 2013 by brennon

The folks behind THON are back to showing off concept art (sorry!) but once again it's looking fantastic. Check out the two pieces below and see what you think...

Sons of Ord


Both pieces have their own interesting previews to take into consideration. The first one shows off a fairly awesome looking 'model' for the future and is tied into their narrative play. I am rather interested to see how that works out.

The second piece is of Mordrosil, taking inspiration from Yggdrasil in Viking mythology. It certainly looks a lot more technical though and if you've played Too Human then you'll know how cool that mix of mythology and sci-fi can be.

The Kickstarter is also coming very, very soon so watch this space.

Are you looking forwards to it?

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