Dauntless Apostles & Guardians Grace The World Of Thon

June 21, 2013 by brennon

Thon has more concepts and renders for you to enjoy! Check out the Apostles and Guardians below that are looking superb still. It might be taking the game a long time to come together but I reckon it's going to be worth it...

Apostle Art

Guardian Render

The awesome looking Apostle is part of the Sunfury Legion and I constantly have a soft spot for epic mechanised warriors of death. I can't wait to see it in model form to test the scale. If it works out right it would also look perfect mixed in with Corporation Enforcers from Mantic.

Second up we have the Guardian who, while he isn't a massive mech, still looks cool. His armour plates are nicely detailed and the helmet design is very awesome. If any of you have seen then new video game, Destiny, from Bungie it might remind you of those characters.

Which is your favourite?

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