Grab Yourself A THON Starter Box For The New Year

January 4, 2016 by brennon

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The folks behind THON have three Starter Faction Boxes for you to choose from and if you've been considering their game you might want to check each of these out. A sizeable amount of effort has gone into tweaking the rules for the game which can be downloaded HERE.


First up we have the THON Faction which the game is named after...

THON Faction Box

"The Thonians are defenders of the Starlight Alliance. Emissary Caurus was the first responder to the Ordhren Onslaught at the Warfront. Leading a team of Alliance Guardians, Caurus rescued countless refugees from the catastrophic destruction of Starlight Kala."

I really like the character model you get in this set, Emissary Caurus. All of the models stand around the 32mm to 35mm scale too.


The warlike ORD have also joined the fighting with their own Faction Box which you can see below.

ORD Faction Box

"The Sons of Ord decimated dozens of Starlight and their surrounding systems in a covert strike led by their dauntless Apostles and unrelenting Fireborn."

Here we have all manner of different heavily armoured warriors with big guns. This faction is led by Forgemaster Tyrian who you can see here in the yellow.

Highborn Of Byamat

Last but not least we have a third faction for you to pick up in full with the Highborn of Byamat.

Highborn Of Byamat

This is the decidedly more alien looking of the factions led by the powerful Matriarch Ela. The large beast behind her is her avatar which I'm sure she is able to control in battle.

Which of these factions appeals to you the most?

"ORD is led by Forgemaster Tyrian who you can see here in the yellow..."

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