Groundbreakers & War Keepers Previewed For THON

September 10, 2013 by brennon

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THON is showing off some more previews of both the arty and the render variety with both the Groundbreaker and War Keeper Caurus. See what you think of these updates...

THON Groundbreaker

First up we have this rather mighty tank that is used by the Sons of Ord. Just read the amount of weapons it has...

"...dual IMPACT, Vulcan turrets, siege mortar, defensive hellforgers and the devastating Groundbreaker Cannon..."

That's quite the run down and I wouldn't want to be standing in front of it when the driver got annoyed with you.


The other preview comes in the form of War Keeper Caurus who looks epic. It's like Ron Perlman jumped into a suit of sci-fi armour to take the fight to the edges of the galaxy. If you check out the link above you can also see that he has a variety of different head options.

We actually saw a miniature from these guys not long ago and hopefully they aren't far off this time around. It would be great to see all these ideas become a reality.

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