The Highborn Make Themselves Known In The World Of THON

April 29, 2014 by brennon

We're back to looking at renders for the world of THON but these seem a lot closer to actual miniatures than we've seen in the past. See what you think of both Ela the Highborn Matriarch and the Highborn Shaman...

Ela Highborn Matriarch

Highborn Shaman

According to the spiel Ela is close to heading off for prototyping and maybe we'll see an early look miniature of her very soon. I'm liking the twist of the fantastical on these sci-fi ladies and I think the faction as a whole is looking very cool indeed.

Some more information and rules for this faction are coming soon as well so keep an eye out if THON is still on your radar.

What do you think?

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