Join The Ranks Of The Thonian Honour Guard

February 2, 2013 by brennon

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Another THON update for you, this time looking at the Thonian Honour Guard which you will be pleased to know also features a render meaning it could be what the final model looks like!

Thonian Honour Guard

"Few Thonians excel to the rank of Honor Guard; those trusted and elite warriors that serve as a Commander's protectors and advisers. They lead armies, spearhead attacks or fight effectively on their own. Honor Guard mark themselves with facial rune-scarring to remember fallen allies."

A pretty awesome looking warrior woman and if the miniature is anything like the render it's going to be one epic model. I like the lean nature of these models where the armour hugs to them, rather than being some bulky addition. A very sleek and refined looking aesthetic.

What do you think of this Thonian leader?

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