More Sneak Peeks & Previews For The World Of THON

February 26, 2013 by brennon

THON is still teasing us with different pieces of artwork right now, some of which you can see below. They also took a look at a new miniature too which makes a nice change!

Sunfury Overlord Gith Koreg

Ordhren Fireborn


The creators of this universe are hoping for a March launch for their Kickstarter Campaign so you won't have long to wait! The artwork is looking fantastic and if that sample page is anything to go by the book is going to be pretty lavish too.

Manakin Drone

"These security drones were the first line of defense against the Ordhren onslaught. When networked together they form a Starlight-wide information and security grid. Individually they are not much of a threat, but when they counter-attack in unison they can be quite formidable."

These drones are looking pretty awesome and I reckon a fair few people are glad to see more miniatures for this game. The fundraiser is just around the corner so I hope you have kept some money tucked away for it.

What do you think of THON on the eve of its fundraiser?

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