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Who Sent The Signal? Those Dark Places RPG Halloween Special


The OTT crew try and work out who sent the signal in a Special Halloween Let's Play of Those Dark Places, the RPG from Jonathan Hicks and Osprey Games.

Jonathan Hicks Plans “The Ana-Sin-Emid Report” For Those Dark Places


Jonathan Hicks, the designer behind Those Dark Places, is adding a new supplement to DriveThruRPG for this Industrial Sci-Fi RPG. Are you ready to delve into the mysteries of The Ana-Sin-Emid Report?

Let’s Play: Those Dark Places | Osprey Games


Warren, Gerry and Ben join Those Dark Places designer, Jonathan Hicks, for a one-shot session of this Industrial Sci-Fi roleplaying game published by Osprey Games.

Those Dark Places RPG Interview | Talking With Designer Jonathan Hicks


We talked to Those Dark Places designer, Jonathan Hicks, and learned about the making of the game and how to work horror into your roleplay sessions!

Those Dark Places Roleplaying Game Review | Osprey Games


Fancy taking on a rules-light, story-focused Industrial Sci-Fi roleplaying game? Come and see what Ben thinks of Those Dark Places!

Osprey Games Publishing Those Dark Places RPG This Year


Osprey Games are going to be publishing Those Dark Places: Industrial Science Fiction Roleplaying written by Jonathan Hicks and featuring stunning illustrations by Nathan Anderson later this year in November 2020.

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