Modiphius’ Thunderbirds Board Game Kickstarter Is Go!

February 24, 2015 by dracs

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The long awaited Kickstarter for Modiphius' Thunderbirds board game is go and things are looking F.A.B as it surpasses its original target goal and moves on towards stretch goals!

Thunderbird 1

Set in the year 2065, Thunderbirds followed the adventures of the Tracy family as their alter-egos International Rescue, the secret organisation set up in order to help save lives using high tech rescue vehicles and technology. Ready to launch as soon as danger presents itself, International Rescue would repeatedly find themselves coming up against the machinations of the villainous Hood, a criminal mastermind with hypnotic powers.

Now, thanks to Modiphius and designer Matt Leacock, you can join International Rescue and help save the day!

Thunderbirds Board Game

Players take on the role of the various members of International Rescue. They must then work together in order to conduct rescue missions and thwart the Hood's Schemes. It's a race against time though, as should the players fail to to stop the Hood triggering a disaster before they can avert it, or they run out of time for a mission, then all is lost.

Thunderbirds Cards

The board game comes with plenty of cool components, all of which keep to the classic 60s style of the original classic TV series.

Thunderbirds Game Pieces

Thunderbirds Character Pieces

In an interesting move, the rules have been made available on their Google Doc as Matt Leacock edits them, letting prospective players get an idea as to how the game will play, while also showing the changes and edits that are being made throughout the Kickstarter time frame.

Thunderbird Prototypes

As I have said before, I am a huge fan of Thunderbirds. It was my favourite show when I was a kid and I still remember how excited I would get to see the Tracy's getting into their vehicles and blasting off to the rescue.

This board game looks like it will keep to the iconic style of the original show, while Leacock's focus on cooperative gameplay means that this will be the perfect family game, especially considering that Thunderbirds Are Go will soon be introducing a new generation to Thunderbirds.

Are you going to support the Thunderbirds Board Game Kickstarter?

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