Thunderbirds are Go from Modiphius!

June 1, 2014 by dracs

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Exciting news for all fans of cult 1960's supermarionation TV, as Modiphius have announced that they have just announced a licensing deal to produce a new tabletop game. 5...4...3...2...1... Thunderbirds are Go!

Thunderbirds Tabletop Game

Thunderbirds was a British scifi show created by the legendary Gerry Anderson. Using marionettes, each episode told of the adventures of International Rescue, the secret rescue service run from of their own private island by the millionaire Tracy Family.

Using a veritable armada of high-tech rescue vehicles, International Rescue would go up against both natural disasters and the sinister criminal known only as The Hood.


Thunderbirds is set to be a co-operative tabletop game, allowing players to take on the roles of the Tracy family, responding to cries for help from across the world.

The most exciting news is that Modiphius are teaming up with game creator Matt Leacock, whose previous games include the excellent Pandemic, Forbidden Desert, and Forbidden Island. So far details on the game itself are sparse, but Leacock has said

This game will give players the chance to see how they would perform in the role of the Tracys. Will they be able to anticipate global disasters and complete impossible rescue missions? This game will test each player’s nerve, logistical sense, and mettle. It’ll tell you if you could be a Tracy!”

Watching Thunderbirds with my dad is one of my earliest childhood memories. I still have my old Thunderbird 2 and Thunderbird 4 toys from when I was a kid. It is really exciting to see this show I love get turned into a tabletop game, especially with the kind of gaming pedigree that Modiphius and Leacock are bringing to bear on it.

Will this game be F.A.B.?

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