ThunderChild Add To Their Post Apocalyptic Menagerie

October 7, 2014 by brennon

ThunderChild Miniatures have continued expanding on their Post-Apocalyptic menagerie with two more beasts from the wastelands. Do you think you'd want to fight the Gribley Wiblin or the Tortuga?

Gribley Wiblin

First up we're checking out the Gribley Wiblin that is all tentacles and looks like he's lurched out of a Doctor Who episode actually which is quite neat. According to the fluff these creatures love to feast on the junk lying around the wasteland entire settlements have had to put people on Wiblin watch to stop them chewing on their generators.


The slower beast of the wasteland is the Tortuga that is no less dangerous. It might not be able to run after you but apparently it has quite the numbing spit. After that it will just amble up and chomp on you at leisure.

Do you think you'll find a place for these big beasts in your tabletop games?

Let us know which!

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