Thundercloud Scare Us Senseless With The Faceless

June 22, 2013 by brennon

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If you liked some of Thundercloud Miniatures' concept art then you'll be pleased to know they have shared a little more of their progress via Facebook. Check out the scary Faceless and an update for the Dreadlord.

The Faceless

"The Faceless were men once, men who sold their soul to The Shadow for the promise of greatness. Twisted into a form more pleasing to The Shadow, and granted a martial skill far beyond that on normal men, these creatures now seek nothing less then the destruction of all life."

'Wraiths without legs!' comes to mind (said in a Gollum voice of course). They do look awesome though and I'm looking forwards to seeing how they do the spectral light show underneath them.

They would make perfect Cairn Wraiths since they are coming in at 'human' sizes so good for 28mm I'd hope!

Dreadlord WIP

And above you can see the progress made on the Dreadlord so far. He is shaping up pretty well and depending on his size I have a mind to use him as a Minotaur player character in my games of Dungeons & Dragons!

Is the hammer a bit small though?

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