Battle Just Got Bigger & Smaller With Tiger Leader Kickstarter

November 3, 2014 by stvitusdancern

Have you ever wanted to play a huge scale wargame but not had the time? or the quantity of miniatures? or the money for the quantity of miniatures? or a friend willing to spend a whole day gaming with? We have all been in that spot- but we may have found just the ticket to address all these concerns! (except for the friend part- the game does not actually come WITH a friend) Tiger Leader is a new Kickstarter out right now from DVG (Dan Versssen Games) that brings a huge battle down to a size you can manage in a time frame that will amaze you.

Tiger Leader Box

In Tiger Leader, you command  a German Kampfgruppe of tanks, armored cars, trucks, half tracks, and infantry squads. You get to choose your campaign. Anything from early war Poland 1939 to late war D-Day 1944, and everything in between. Tiger Leader is a great game for both experienced strategy gamers and well as new players, and each campaign takes only 30 minutes to set-up, and can be resolved in 15 to 30 minutes! Yes, 15-30 minutes!

Tiger Leader Map

This game was by design, built to be a solitaire game, giving you the feel of a grand military effort. So in regards to needing a friend to play the game with, you're covered, although once they see you playing this fantastic little wargame, you may be surprised who'd like to join. For that purpose, you can split your forces to play co-op with a friend.

Tank Cards

Infantry Cards


I think I forgot to tell you the scale of this epic game- it's tiny. The game itself doesn't require mini's, and can be played just with the cardboard components of the game, but for the gamers who need to have mini's involved, DVG has teamed up with Pico Armor to offer a set of 136 miniatures to add to your game!  I know what you're thinking... 136 mini's how small are they? How about 1/600th scale?!

Care to give this small scale, large battle, solo wargame a try?

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