Tiny Worlds Take Cover Behind A Set Of Log Barricades

October 21, 2015 by brennon

Tiny Worlds have put together a new set of terrain for helping you avoid a hail of bullets. Their Log Barricade set contains four piles which would be great to include in a range of different gaming genres as more natural terrain...

Wood Barricades

Each of the log sections can be used separately or put together to create one log defensive line. Considering we've been getting very excited about the prospect of the American Civil War with their Perry's Battle In A Box this could make for a rather awesome defensive line protecting either the North or the South.

The terrain is made out of resin and would be incredibly easy to make look good on the tabletop. Drybrushing and washing would make these pop in an instant.

What do you think?

"Drybrushing and washing would make these pop in an instant..."

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